The New Summer Fitness Favorite: Outdoor Boot Camps

The New Summer Fitness Favorite: Outdoor Boot Camps

Many gyms and personal trainers now offer disciplined fitness outdoor boot camps which have become a very popular workout regime embraced by people of all ages, shapes, and levels of physical stamina across the country.

Fitness boot camps are mostly conducted outdoors and are a type of group physical training program characterized by intense cardio exercises and strength-training routines during a busy 1-hour period. As the name boot camp suggest this fitness regimen is modeled after military style boot camps and fitness boot camps are generally composed of intensive exercises like push-ups, crunches, pull-ups, and body planks that rely on one’s body weight and require little gym equipment.

Fitness boot camps also usually adopt a circuit-training format, which is composed of 6-8 circuits of strength and cardio exercises which are completed one after the other for 60-90 seconds each with 15-30 second breaks in between circuits.

An example of a common type of boot camp circuit would be sixty seconds of squats, lunges, and mountain climbers followed by a 30-second break and then 60 seconds of push-ups, scissor kicks, and side planks. Free weights, medicine balls, jump ropes, and exercise sliders may also be incorporated into circuit training for extra resistance and to add variation to the exercise routines on offer.

Getting Into Shape With Fitness Boot Camps

So, are fitness boot camps a safe and effective way to get into shape? The answer is not obvious as it depends on the person, a weak answer you might think but truly what may work for some, may not work for all. In fact fitness boot camps have both pros and cons. As far as pros, fitness boot camps are a cost-efficient way to get a full body workout with opportunities to share motivation and camaraderie with fellow boot campers.

Therefore, along with promoting physical wellness, fitness boot camps also offer opportunities to strengthen one’s social wellness. However, there are also some limitations to this form of exercise. Because fitness boot camps are group workout sessions, participants may not be able to receive the one-on-one consultation that characterizes individualized personal training programs.

Secondly, fitness boot camps typically require participants to have a steep learning curve. It may take some time to learn the workout routines and to identify exercises you may need to adapt to your abilities and needs.

How to Find a Fitness Boot Camp Near You

Visit your local park early in the day and you’re likely to spot them: Groups of people doing squats, lunges and crunches, laughing as they go. What’s going on? Welcome to the world of fitness boot camps. And if it seems like they’re springing up everywhere, you’re right, they are.

As mentioned above the original inspiration for fitness boot camps was, as you might guess, the traditional endurance and strength-building workouts used by the military. But in many of the popular boot camps today, the term is applied pretty loosely.

While most boot camps still include traditional drills, and sprints, they also incorporate a wide and varied mix of sports, from running and cycling to yoga and martial arts. The overall emphasis is on interval training, with boosts of adrenaline-pumping cardio interspersed with lighter activities. The typical boot camp lasts for six to eight weeks and follows a regular weekly schedule of meetings. Many fitness centers also now offer individual boot camp-style classes.

Just like the original military model, boot camps are designed to foster friendships (and healthy competition!), which can inspire you to push your limits. You’ll build upper and lower body strength, increase your cardio capacity, and improve your endurance, and have fun while you’re doing it. Why not visit your local fitness center and enquire about fitness boot camps in your locality.

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