The Most Successful Female Fitness Models in 2015

The Most Successful Female Fitness Models in 2015

No soon as you see a scorching hot looking image of a fitness model on a website or gracing the front cover of a fitness magazine their model physique looks, in a word, simply perfect like that fitness model never missed a single rep, meal or a single hour of sleep ever in their lives. True sometimes the pictures are doctored but you can never be totally certain and it bugs like hell.

Fitness models are actually normal people who look fit and have well developed toned physiques. In the case of women these models are aiming to be feminine and sexy and in the case of men athletic and attractive.

Models are contracted by publications most often for the purpose of marketing fitness apparels or endorsing products, special services or fitness equipment or anything that is related to the sports and fitness industry as a whole.

Amanda Latona Female Fitness Model

Fitness Models are Human Just Like the Rest of Us

Just like regular people like you and I, fitness models and body builders frequently shoot themselves in the foot and make major mistakes in their training and eating plans. They are not infallible and make extreme choices when prudent ones would be far better, they often let their human weaknesses and cravings guide the steering wheel, and otherwise sabotage or degrade their results.

Rather than recognize their mistakes, these fitness models stubbornly go ahead and do the same thing over and over again. Hey, I’ve been as guilty of doing this as anybody!

For example consider meat avoiding which a lot of extreme dieters go for. Most fitness models who choose not to eat meat simply look soft and lack muscle hardness, in my experience.

Unprocessed, naturally raised meat is extremely healthy, and there is an abundance of evidence based good solid reasons to eat meat and be totally pleased about doing so.

Carbohydrates are Gym Fuel Absolute

Carbohydrates are the energy, sustenance and body fuel that you need to kick some hard calorie ass in the gym, no matter how long you’re there for. Of course if you’re there at the gym for a long 60 min workout, as many aspiring fitness models are, carbs are even more important to take particularly seriously.

This is because they’re muscle sparing, essentially meaning your body will use them rather than resort to breaking down amino acids for body fuel. You would be surprised how many fitness models still don’t get why carbs count so much in the fitness master plan.

Fitness Models and Extreme Diets

What is an extreme diet anyway? To me, its anything drastic enough that your training quality suffers as a result. Low carb dieting can be extreme, as I just discussed, but so can low fat. So can low calorie, equally low hydration and low protein may seem like obvious no-nos, but more people than you might think are guilty of cutting both the latter as part of an overall calorie drop, not just fitness models.

Fitness models in 2015 must live healthy active lifestyles and must keep solidly working out in the gym to stay in ideal shape. Their bodies must be toned all year round especially because the fitness modelling world is competitive and aggressive. Consistency, discipline and dedication is vitally important.

It is also vital to take some pictures with a variety of attires and from varied viewpoints so that your body shape is displayed completely. These photos should be immediately dispatched to a number of fitness magazines, to intermediaries, and to anyone that will help advance the cause of the models career.

Top 5 Most Successful Female Fitness Models in 2015

Female fitness models of all dispositions and backgrounds all over the world have been able to create a unique image and brand identity in relation to the aspects of living a healthy lifestyle and staying fit. In today’s scenario, everyone wants to stay fit and healthy, but of course not everyone can.

Nevertheless there are several women who have been able to set up new standards for success in the competitive world of professional fitness modeling. However, there are numerous numbers of people who want to understand the basic principles of living a healthy lifestyle and combine this with business success, celebrity and the perfect toned body.

Jennifer Nicole Lee – She is an American fitness expert also featured here at Malefitness, Jennifer is also a professional celebrity trainer possessing extraordinary and unique talents. Jennifer Nicole Lee is the largest best selling author and an international fitness celebrity who has made a worldwide success out of her fitness endeavours.

Jennifer Nicole Lee is the president of JNL worldwide Inc, her business arm and possesses the title of Miami Beach Baby. Read more about Jennifer and view her gallery.

Ava Cowan – Ava is a reputed global fitness professional, a talent booking agent and an actress and model originating from Florida in the United States. Ava is presently acting as the vice president of Business Relations at Divine Nutrition Products and additionally works as a ‘Thought Leader.’

Alicia Marie РAlicia  is a highly talented professional fitness model and an accomplished writer. She is also considered to be an international celebrity of some standing and she has become so popular across the world that sports and fitness health and apparel brands such as: Graffiti Xtreme Shorts, Lowrise Mini Shorts and Graffiti Sport Band among others have been associated and endorsed with her name.

Natalia Muntean – Natalia is commonly regarded as one of the most successful fitness models of her generation. She is also regarded as an accomplished beauty, cosmetic and nutrition consultant, a fashion writer and also a successful entrepreneur operating an number of successful business ventures in the fitness industry.

Kiana Tom – Kiana Tom is a celebrity television presenter and host, fitness writer, nutrition and exercise expert, business woman and established actress, Kiana is mainly known for her strict fitness regime and healthy eating. In addition to this Kiana is further known for creating and hosting of Kianas Flex Appeal on the network television station ESPN.

Thus, after learning more about all these fitness models, it is to be well understood that there are many people who largely value and appreciate the aspects and importance of fitness and health. Moreover, the importance of fitness in everyday life is increasing as more and more people aspire to emulate their fitness idols.

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