The 50 Best Health & Fitness Apps of 2015

The 50 Best Health & Fitness Apps of 2015

If you live for all things health and fitness, and I hope you do if your on this site then realize that there’s an app for just about anything that runs on our tablets, iPhones, Android devices and more recently our Apple Smart Watches.

Whether you’re looking for a music play list with the best rocking beats for your morning jog or for the easiest way to not wake up feeling fatigued each morning there is a digital fitness app that fits the bill.

Health and fitness fanatics who also appreciate the lifestyle benefits of modern technology truly have the best of both worlds. There are an abundance of smart phone, smart watch and tablet fitness apps all competiting for your digital loving.The 50 Best Fitness Apps in 2015


So Many Fitness Apps Competing for Your Attention

With so many health and fitness apps and a lot of duplication the problem then becomes: How do you determine which fitness apps are worth your time (and precious storage space on your device)? Sure, you can look at ratings from previous users, but those stars (or lack thereof) only tell part of the story.

Keeping current with fresh new fitness apps is also part of the problem, while a particular fitness app may offer excellent value, features and functionality, there maybe a better option if it hasn’t been updated in 18 months or longer.

So we tested hundreds of health and fitness apps to find the digital best of the best. Some of the apps are well established, meaning that they are not new but are regularly updated and reliably prove their worth over the long term.

Some fitness apps are new and take advantage of new devices like the Apple SmartWatch. Lets see which fitness apps cut the mustard and deserve a place on the 50 best health and fitness apps of 2015 list.

Note: This list is presented in no particular order or ranking.

The 50 Best Fitness Apps of 2015

Fitmo Digital Personal Training

Fitmo Digital Personal Training

Using a personal trainer can be expensive, although if you want to use a personal trainer check out our guide for that. Its the cost of a personal trainer that explains well enough why most of us haven’t done more than the complimentary personal training session that we usually get when signing up for a new gym membership.

However personal trainers can be instrumental in helping us meet our fitness goals. The Fitmo app has made personal training accessible to everyone who works out hard and seeks the best return for their money.

For $40 a month, a personal trainer sets up a bespoke fitness training schedule, suggests diet, nutrition and meal ideas, and constantly checks in with you via text messages and video calls, essentially Fitmo is bespoke personal training via your smart phone.

Naturally if you don’t like having someone else watch your sweat and tears in the gym then a digital assistant might be the ideal way to gain the best of both worlds.

Of course some people would say that losing the human touch is a step backwards but there is no doubt that having a digital personal trainer via Fitmo will appeal to a significant number. ( Try on iOS )

Sworkit No Gym No Time

Sworkit - Exercise for busy peopleNo gym? No time to sweat? Then no problem since the Sworkit fitness app is designed with very busy people in mind and offers high intensity body weight workouts that you can make as short as five minutes and as long as an hour or greater.

Choose the style of workout and exercise you’re aiming to complete (for example strength, cardio, yoga, or stretching), then discover dozens of different exercise workouts.

Alternatively go ahead and use the Sworkit app to create a completely bespoke tailor made workout programme.

With the Sworkit fitness app, each workout and exercise set is super easy to follow, accompanied by high quality video training and a timer countdown clock detailing the number of repetitions you have left to complete.

Presently Sworkit is a free fitness app and runs on iOS and Android based devices.

Runtastic 6 Pack Abs

Runtastic 6 pack absFor most of us no matter how hard we try getting six pack abs is no easy task in a short space of time, frustratingly hard to gain in fact.

That said strengthening your body core has never been easier, thanks to the Runtastic Six Pack available on iOS and Android. Using Runtastic you can choose either Daniel or Angie as your avatar trainer.

After which choose from ab training workout programs that can last anywhere from 10 days to almost a month.

The Runtastic 6 Pack Abs app provides users with slow motion videos of the virtual trainers which means you learn each ab strengthening exercise correctly the first time around and avoid causing injuries. (Free; Runtastic on iOS and Android)

Fitstar Personal Trainer

Fitstar Personal TrainerWorkout any time you like and anywhere with FitStar Personal Trainer. Never miss an opportunity to get a customized workout while traveling, when you can’t make it to the gym, or don’t want to pay for a costly personal trainer.

With Fitstar Personal Trainer you no longer have to find lots of money to employ a personal trainer to get in shape, with Fitstar you receive tailored workouts engineered around you.

The FitStar personal trainer assesses your training and exercise needs and overall fitness level by asking you a simple set of questions following every workout.

That way every workout is challenging but doesn’t totally fatigue you. The Fitstar app is a good choice for beginners all the way to hardcore fitness fanatics. The Fitstar app has a good pedigree as it was dreamt up by former NFL star Tony Gonzalez. (Free; iOS)

Spring Bumping Beats

Spring Workout Playlists and BeatsTurning up some rockin’ tunes is just what the doctor ordered to help you work out faster, stronger, and for longer than before. Awesome music simply fosters energy and motivation from the outset and places a spring in your step.

Spring is an iOS fitness app that builds off that simple principle. DJs curate playlists with matching songs that have a similar range of musical beats per minute.

All you have to do during your workout is run to the beat of the music. With Spring your exercise workout flashes by, no more painful clock watching Your workout will be completed before you know it, and you might even discover a few new tunes. (Free; iOS)

Stronglifts 5×5

Stronglifts 5x5If you are into strength training in a big way then this weights fitness app is the best gym companion when you start lifting the heavy weights. The Stronglifts app prompts you to complete three weightlifting exercises with five sets of five reps, this is why the app is called 5×5.

StrongLifts tutors you along the way ensuring that you take proper breaks in between each weightlifting set. It will make recommendations as to the best time to increase the weights according to measured progress.

Follow the 5 sets workout three times a week and you’ll notice a stronger, more body conditioned, defined image in the mirror after a few short weeks. (Free; AndroidiOS)

Nike Training Club

Nike Training ClubWith Nike Training Club guiding you this is the easiest way to feel in control of your fitness regimen. The fitness app from Nike offers more than 100 unique workouts crafted by Nike master trainers for people of all variable fitness levels and experience.

Select your specific fitness goal, for example, weight loss, strength building, body toning and find easy to follow exercise plans.

The fitness regimen app from Nike allows for resting and encourages it. Each individual workout is accompanied with beautiful video tutorials, these video fitness tutorial suit beginners to experts so that no one ever feels left behind using this fitness app. (Free; AndroidiOS)


PumpUp Social Platform, Show ProgressNot all of your friends on social media want hear about your latest workout milestones, while we can’t quite believe it either, not everyone is interested. That’s where Pump Up comes in. It’s Instagram with a measure of Facebook thrown in for the health and fitness set. Health and fitness social media is here.

So rather than annoy the hell out your general followers on mainstream social media, now you can hone your publicity efforts towards pleasing other fitness followers who really want to see how well you are getting along.

The PumpUp social platform is the perfect place to post progress photos and to motivate other like minded people to meet their fitness goals using you as inspiration! (Free; iOS and Android)

WOD Deck of Cards

WOD Track Your Custom Crossfit WorkoutsWOD Deck of Cards is a must have FREE app for every CrossFitter.
This Crossfit app will help you track and log your custom workout’s records in a very easy way.

Create and save your custom Crossfit workouts, show off your results on social media through Facebook/Twitter/Email, manage your workout history, and much more!

Simply select the four exercises you want to focus on, one for each suit and then see what comes up first in the deck. (Free; iOS and Android)


CarrotFit Your Judgemental Fitness OverlordOccasionally we all need a little tough love and humor to get us jumping and bouncing around properly. Make getting in shape suck so much less with CARROT’s hilarious fitness app.

The weight-tracking app that is CarrotFit uses some serious fun and games to keep you moving through its seven-minute workouts.

The app’s virtual trainer will have you laughing so hard you’ll hardly realize that you’re cruising through a series of difficult bodyweight exercises. (Paid App $2.99; iOS)

Charity Miles

Charity MilesRunning, cycling, and walking doesn’t just have to be about you and your own personal fitness, as through exercise you can do far more than just keeping healthy and fit.

Every single mile of exercise can earn valuable money for dozens of different worthwhile charities.

With the help of corporate sponsors, Charity Miles donates 10 cents for every mile cycled and 25 cents for every single mile that is walked or ran.

Its a bit like air miles since as those miles add up so does the power they wield except this is for a very decent cause.

With Charity Miles you can make a big difference for a needy charitable organization that means a great deal to you. (Free; iOS and Android)

Mindbody Connect

Mindbody ConnectMINDBODY Connect is a fitness app that helps you live healthier and happier. For a killer workout, lavish spa experience, and everything in between, the MINDBODY app shows you what’s nearby.

Belonging to a gym is a great way to keep to a strict fitness routine. But sometimes that gym routine gets, well, routine.

Variation keeps fitness exciting, hence an easy way to spice things up is to try out a bunch of different fitness classes. That’s where MINDBODY Connect comes in.

Discover exercise classes happening nearby (everything from yoga to Zumba), and then book and pay for the classes via the app. (Free; iOS and Android)

Check back real soon for the next part of this feature, detailing the very best  top 50 health and fitness apps for 2015.

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