Ten Advanced TRX Exercises to Build Strength

Ten Advanced TRX Exercises to Build Strength

The unique TRX workout system (which is an abbreviation for complete body resistance exercises) turns common workout routines and exercises into a serious challenge for the body core and helps build body strength fast. The TRX system works by using just gravity which it does alongside your own body weight. Use a TRX system as part of a wider exercise regimen and with your favorite nutrition and strength training supplements.

In order to use this exercise system all you have to do is properly position the TRX straps firmly to a secure position in the gym or yard (such as a anchored weight machine, the frame of a door or pull up bars or something similar) and then use either your feet or your hands to maintain a firm hold onto the easy to use TRX straps.

For most people when using a TRX system, a part of your body will be always be suspended in the air visibly above the ground area or you’ll be leaning into or away from the straps to create some resistance and destabilization. As users are being forced to balance their body, it means that they are engaging the mid section and back and working they are out the shoulders and your hips to maintain fluid body control throughout the movement.

In addition, the TRX straps roll up to a very small compact size so you can work out literally anywhere that suits you such as the garden, lounge, decking and of course the gym. Check out these Ten Advanced TRX Exercises to Build Strength and flexibility.

Upper Body TRX Exercises

TRX Chest Press Exercise

Targets: Arms, chest:
How to do it:  To master this TRX exercise start by facing away from the secured anchor point with your feet firmly placed about shoulder distance apart. Hold the TRX handles deftly with an over hand grip then reach your arms out in front of you at a even, level shoulder height. Leaning forward gradually so that you find that your body is positioned at a slightly diagonal angle.

Next slowly bend your elbows and lower chest between your hands. You’ll be engaging your chest and arms as you propel yourself back up to the original starting position. Do this ten or twelve times, then rest and repeat the exercise.

Position yourself in a straight line directly from shoulders to knees. Lower your body down to the starting position for this exercise. You’ll train your biceps and back area as you raise and lower your torso, do this slowly and in a controlled manner. You can also perform this TRX exercise with straight legs, your heels on the floor, and your body positioned at a diagonal angle.

Alligator Also Known as Reverse Fly

Targets:  Shoulders, back, obliques
How to do it: Commence this routine by facing the TRX fixed anchor point, now take the handles, holding firmly over hand. Gradually and safely lean back until your body shapes with a diagonal line and the TRX straps are pulled totally taut and tight. Now pull your body up as you reach back and up with your right arm and then back and down with left arm.

As you move start to rotate your body to the right, this way you’ll work your shoulders and back putting them to good use, as your obliques will help to stabilize your body movement. Then return to start your position and repeat the exercise on the opposite side.

Atomic Push-Up

Targets: Chest, your shoulders, arms, and lower abs
How to do it:  Begin by placing your feet into the TRX feet cradles so that the very tops of your feet are outward facing the floor. Next lower your body down into a push up. As you press your body back up into plank position, bring your knees in towards your elbows, thus allowing legs to draw apart. Hold in this position for a few seconds and the repeat the exercise.

Chest Fly

Targets: Chest, arms
How to do it: Start by facing away from the secured anchor position with your feet shoulder width apart. Pick up the TRX handles firmly overhand and extend your arms in front of you, do this at shoulder height. Lean forward so that your body’s position is situated at a diagonal. With fluid control, spread your arms out wide to a “T” (keep your elbows bent) as you lower your chest nearer to the ground. Expertly reverse the movement to return to the start.

Biceps Curl

Targets: Abs and arms
How to do it: For this exercise face toward the TRX position where it is securely anchored and take one handle in each of your hands, with palms facing. Lean right the way back until your arms are fully extended and the TRX strap is firm and tight. To activate your biceps, bend the elbows (but don’t let them drop down) until your hands are framing your temple area, then slowly pull your body up as you do, then repeat the movement.

Lower Body TRX Exercises

Because the TRX system is such a good all round bony toner and strength builder it is quite capable of building definition and strength in the lower parts of the body and not just the upper torso. This image below was taken at the April 2015 Fitness and Bodybuilding Convention at Cologne Fibo.

Ten Advanced TRX Exercises to Build Strength


Targets: Legs and abs
How to do it: This TRX exercise works your lower body just like a traditional lunge, but also leads to better overall balance and stability. Begin by facing away from the TRX anchor point, then place your left foot in both TRX straps, and set your right foot firmly down on the ground.

Lower down into a straight lunge, extending the left leg right out behind you but without losing the bend in your knee. Return your posture to starting position and now repeat on the other leg. You’ll start to feel your lower body and abs working and straining hard throughout this entire movement.


Targets: Abs, quads, glutes, hamstrings
How to do it: Using the TRX regular squats are vital to building a strong flexible lower body. Add a TRX squat routine to the exercise mix to help improve your body form. Start by holding both TRX handles in front of your waist wuth elbows bent by the sides. Now lower down into a squat position while extending your arms in front of you at eye level position. Finally push yourself back up to the start.

Total Body TRX Exercises

Reverse Mountain Climber

Targets: Triceps, abs, hip flexors, quads, hamstrings
How to do it:  Sit down directly under the TRX system and place your feet heels inside the foot cradles. Place your palms firmly on the floor behind you with your fingers directed towards your feet. Next lift your body off the floor, while retaining a slight bend in your elbows.

Now start to bring your right knee in towards your chest, then extend the knee back to the start point. Then immediately repeat the exercise but this time using the left knee. Alternate between both knees as quickly as you can with good fluid body form and motion.

Mountain Climber

Targets: Abs, glutes, quads, hamstrings, shoulders, chest, and upper back
How to do it: Again begin by placing your feet into the TRX cradles and get into plank position. Just as you would with your feet on the ground, alternate between bringing each knee up to to your chest, while all the time speeding up and keeping your body movements tightly controlled.

Single-Leg Burpee

Targets: Shoulders, chest, arms, abs, butt, legs
How to do it: Firstly, adjust the TRX handle strap comfortably so that it hangs at the mid-calf position. Next place your right foot into the loop area in the strap behind you. Lower your body down into a plank position but keep your free left foot suspended freely in the air next to your right foot. Lower your body into a push up and, as you raise your torso upward, pull your left foot right to your chest as you return to stand up.

These strength building TRX exercises are by no means all the workouts that the TRX system can do but if flexibility and strength are major workout aims then these exercises are a good place to start or to include as part of a wider workout regimen.

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