Regular Skin Care for Men to Get Clean and Clear Skin

Regular Skin Care for Men to Get Clean and Clear Skin

Although men tend to be less vocal about it and will shrug it off, they are extremely interested in finding the best skin care for men products that uniquely fit their needs. You would not believe how many men contact me privately about skin products for their face asking which is best and what to use. Modern men want their face to look firm, clear, younger than ever before and healthy.

Guys usually have skin issues with redness, blemishes, and breakouts at some stage. Testosterone causes some men to produce more sebum which clogs pores and promotes acne breakouts. If not dealt with correctly, these blemishes will become irritated and eventually lead to premature age spots.

Men typically spend more time lounging or working out in the sun and are less likely to apply sunscreen which is  why men disproportionately develop skin cancer. Before skin cancer arrives, accelerated aging takes over to cause wrinkles and dark spots. So guys don’t settle for less than stellar skin, instead follow these easy skin care 101 tips for clear, clean skin everyday of the week.

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Even Men Need to Exfoliate

Learn to exfoliate your skin the right way. If you find yourself attempting this procedure more that once a week, you are over stimulating your pores, this may be causing skin irritation which can lead to break outs of blemishes and unsightly acne.

I don’t recommend any one particular exfoliate. What you are using is more than likely fulfilling its purpose, though, I cannot stress enough that this process should only be done once week as opposed to two or three times as some products suggest. Follow this simple rule and you are already on your way to healthier looking skin.

Don’t be a Naughty Scrubber

Don’t over wash your face either, more is definitely way too  much. Twice a day at the wash bowl is more than sufficient to satisfy the issue at hand. Just like exfoliation, cleaning your skin too often irritates your pores and causes your oil glands to needlessly work over time to maintain your skin’s oil balance.

Skin Care for Men
The more you wash your skin, the more oil you are bringing to your skin’s surface. Once in the morning when you wake and before bed is all that is necessary to maintain your daily complexion, anything else is overkill.

Using a clay masque that contains sulfur once a week to deep clean your pores proves to produce amazing results. Sulfur naturally aids in the production of collagen through protein synthesis and the clay mud itself acts as a buffer to oil, preventing long-term build-up. Use this magic bullet once a week on the same day you perform your exfoliation exercise and within two weeks you will see a dramatic difference in your tone.

Tone Skin After Each Wash

Ensure you are toning your skin after each wash. A toner will naturally adjust your skin’s pH balance to provide the necessary acidic properties to fight bacteria. As a man there are many other healthy benefits to toning your skin, so if you are not completing this important, daily skin maintenance task, then you need to start immediately to see some motivating results.

Remember when treating skin to always use an alcohol free toner and you will begin to see noticeable results within very little time indeed.

Pick a facial cleanser that matches your skin’s hydration level. I you have oily skin, use a more active face wash to combat the condition. For dry skin, select a milder type cleanser that isn’t so abrasive. These simple adjustments will help you target exactly what you are fighting, the oil secretion to your skin’s dermal layer. If you are unsure of what skin type you possess, consult your dermatologist.

Paws Off, Excess Oils Can Cause Acne and Skin Blemishes

Lastly and most importantly, try not to ever touch your face with your bare fingers. I know this sounds extreme, but, every time you touch your face you leave small amounts of pimple breeding and oily pore sucking bacteria, not to mention you’re spreading more oil on your skin’s surface and other areas.

Best practice if you must touch your face at all is to use a tissue or the back of your hand if necessary as that will help to minimize the negative effects caused by touching your face and avoid anything oily or greasy.

See gentlemen, it’s really that simple to control the health an appearance of your skin! The best part for male skin care is that if you incorporate these five simple steps into your daily regimen, you will definitely notice a difference in your skin appearance. It’s a fuss free way towards healthy, handsome skin that guys simply need to have.

Implement these skin care tips in your daily routine and you are guaranteed to see results in a very short amount of time. Remember to manage your stress levels during this period as well as this will greatly aid in reducing the amount of oil production to the skin. You are now well on your way to having that healthy, handsome look you’ve always wanted.

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