Is Walking as Good a Workout Exercise as Running?

Is Walking as Good a Workout Exercise as Running?

Regular cardio exercise can help keep the body healthy and in a lean, toned condition, whatever speed it takes place at. Cardio exercises such as running will also improve general well being and overall energy levels. Nevertheless, lap for lap, running will burn roughly 2.5 times more calories than walking ever will, although diverse running exercises such as speed and gradient walking can offset this considerably.

Running as a form of cardio exercise may also help control appetite for food, so that regular runners may lose more weight faster than walkers no matter how far the walkers eventually go.

Regardless of this, running isn’t for everyone; going full throttle running as fast as you can might also increase injury risk. Adding hand and ankle weights to a walking program or diversifying the gradient of the walk can help pick up the intensity of cardio activity while maintaining a slower pace.

Walking outdoors across varied terrain can also increase the appeal of walking, as can running of course. Another twist is to join walking clubs to add not just variety to the exercise but a social aspect as well.

Running is Better for Losing Weight

While walking across a distance can provide many of the same healthy benefits associated with regular running, recent exercise research indicates that running may be the better option for those looking to lose weight and shed some pounds over the longer term.

Is Walking as Good a Workout as Running?

Unsurprisingly, people expend two-and-a-half times more energy running during their workout session than they accomplish by walking, no matter whether that’s on the track or on the running treadmill.

Running puts more constant physical stress on the body and obviously increases the overall risk for common running related injuries such as runner’s knee, painful hamstring strains, and shin splits. Of course, some people simply prefer to take things slow and for these category of people walking is the perfect cardio exercise.

When Both Running and Walking No Longer Cut It

Bored with both walking and running as your cardio solution, it happens, so many people find it a dull and repetitive form of cardio. There are many alternative ways to exercise and keep active however, these other forms of exercise range from yoga and pilates to strength training exercises such as weight lifting and mountain cycling.

There are many new forms of moderate exercise to try as well, swimming for example is a good cardio all rounder and you can try pretty much everything in between.

Don’t be afraid to try new exercise activities to diversify your exercise regimen and stay happy and healthy and keep exercise boredom at bay!


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