How do Some People Workout in the Morning?

My friend has a ritual and a morning workouts regime. For the past five years, she always breaks a sweat early in the morning. “How do you do that”? I asked. She said, ‘The key to a daily regime is to strategize, execute and reward!” That set me thinking. My friend has always claimed that her reward to working out every day is getting to do some fun activities in the evening. In her case she watches an old classic movie and laughs her guts out!

How do Some People Workout in the Morning?

She has a strict morning workouts regime that she follows to the ‘T’.

  1. She prepares the night before – Her gym bag, clothes, food and other essentials are are kept ready, so that she can just wake up and be out jogging on the streets within 10 minutes.
  2. Sets many alarms that just do not stop till she wakes up and reaches out to cut them out.
  3. Sometimes wakes up extra early to set her own pace to get ready. This gives her enough time to scan the newspaper, eat her breakfast and take a leisurely bath. This way she does not feel rushed nor get upset about her ruined waking hours.
  4. Drinks lots of water – Sleep causes dehydration and body needs those extra fluids to rejuvenate itself, she says.
  5. Treats herself to a banana or an apple if she completes a certain task. Banana is my friend’s favourite fruit. So after an intense workout she treats herself to a ripened burst of energy that takes her out of the dreary cold house early in the morning.
  6. Another friend listening to my friend’s accounts said, I love chocolate ice cream. I use that as a reward upon completion of my successful workout.
  7. I wake up early as I love food, remarked another figure conscious mother-of-two friend. She wakes up early so that she can treat herself and her daughters to a sumptuous English breakfast.
  8. I am motivated to go that extra mile as I listen to my favorite music, remarked another friend. The music is energizing and lively. It not only wakes me up but puts me into the groove. I leave home without much of a hassle.
  9. Many more chose to reflect over the new day and the promises/opportunities that are likely to take precedence.
  10. My friend on certain days feels grateful for all that life has to offer. She takes a good deep breath, stretches and holds still. She wakes up feeling positive about everything that life has to offer. Now that’s a great way to begin the day isn’t it?
How do Some People Workout in the Morning?

How do Some People Workout in the Morning?


The list is endless but all of them concur on one thing and that is sleep is essential, so does working out. Once the regime ends, it is food or other rewards that bring satisfaction.

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