Fitness Benefits Of Cycling Exercise

Cycling is an enjoyable, recreational and sporting activity. Bicycles are also an extremely economical and efficient mode of transportation. Today, more than a billion people use cycles for recreational, transportation and sporting purposes and there are real noticeable fitness benefits of cycling exercise that we should all take note of.

Cycling Vs Running

Generally, running is a sport that needs more practice than cycling, particularly in regard to technique and in order to build up strength and stamina. This typically means that beginner cyclists can generally last for a longer distance compared to beginner runners.

So if you prefer a sport that is good for exploring the open road and countryside and will provide you with the adrenaline rush that you want, without using much stamina at the same time, then perhaps cycling may be a better exercise solution for you.

On the other hand though, running through scenic trails and settings of pristine natural beauty can be very therapeutic as well – if you are willing to work on your endurance and many athletes are perfectly at home enjoying both forms of cardio exercise, running and cycling alike.

Improve Muscle Strength With Cycling

On the other hand, cycling will help to improve your body’s muscle strength, as well as your mobility and coordination. This is because for example, coordination is needed to sync the leg movements together with the pedals, so that you will not fall off the bike.


As we all know exercise is a key part of living a healthy lifestyle and cycling is a great way to get fit and build stamina. In a study published in Clinical Rehabilitation (June 2005), cycling was even shown to improve the balance and movement abilities of stroke patients.

Consider Cycling to Work

Many people bike to work for a host of different reasons and there are various influences commuters consider before they take to the roads. A study published on SAGE Open in July 2013 interviewed sixteen cyclists about the factors that influence their decision to cycle to work. The findings found that for those living in cities, the main deciding factors were efficiency and reliability.

Primary Benefits of Cycling as a Cardio Exercise

Cycling improves Energy Levels And Stamina:Cycling can actually increase energy levels. People with low energy levels or those who complain of fatigue constantly should take up cycling to improve their stamina levels.

Cycling is one exercise form which can actually relax and rejuvenate a person and uplift moods. Even if you are not in the mood to go outside for a stint of cycling you can even exercise on your stationary cycle in the comfort of your home.

Cycling offers multiple health benefits and helps in strengthening the muscular, skeletal and immune system of the body. This exercise can also effectively combat back pain and spinal diseases.

As a form of cardio, cycling also improves the respiratory and circulatory system of the body by increasing the oxygen flowing into the system. People who suffer from high blood pressure have benefited vastly from cycling.

Medical research has revealed that just half an hour of cycling every day can cut back a persons chances of getting different types of cancer including colon, breast, prostate and pancreatic cancer by almost seventy five percent.

Effective Weight Loss:Cycling increases heart rate. When the heart rate increases, it automatically raises body metabolism levels. A higher body metabolism means that calories are being burned up at an accelerated pace.

As a low impact exercise cycling is an exercise form which does not put undue stress and strain on your joints. People who are suffering from knee or ankle problem can safely take up this exercise form as cycling does not aggravate existing injuries or health problems.

These are all recognized fitness benefits of cycling exercise that we should all observe and enjoy cycling as part of the overall fitness regimen that we adopt.

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