Eric Leto Male Fitness Model

Eric Leto Male Fitness Model

Eric Leto is an international sponsored fitness model, personal trainer and lifestyle coach based in Europe. He is represented by two well regarded sports agencies, these being W athletic in the city of London (UK) and FREISTIL agency in Hamburg, which is in Germany.

Eric is presently located in Luxembourg, where he concentrates on providing specialist health and lifestyle services to his fitness clients who are pursuing a fit wholesome lifestyle and seeking real changes to their body core, tone and condition.

As a part of the Physique Elite trainers, Eric is also a certified personal trainer and an advanced nutrition and diet specialist. Eric has many years of personal training experience and has been able to transform hundreds of bodies and attitude to training, exercise and healthy living.

As I had more pleasure lifting weights than playing basketball, I dedicated all my leisure time to that amazing lifestyle. I started to take it really seriously competing at a national level as a junior bodybuilder.I never stopped working out since that day. It’s been 8 years since then. I have achieved a lot on my journey here. I can definitely say that, for me, it was the right path to follow. I am glad I did it.

Eric is also a fitness model and having worked with international top fitness photographers in the industry, Eric Leto spends much of the year traveling to follow his fitness modelling passion and to get the valuable recognition and respect from his peers as a natural talented athlete and male fitness model.

He is especially dedicated to fitness and life and always determined to always build a better self, consequently Eric Leto is always trying to inspire people to enter the healthy lifestyle pathway and help them achieve their fitness desires and performance  objectives whatever they happen to be.

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