Discover Rowing to Target Every Muscle

The Rowing Workout That Targets Every Muscle

Rowing is a form of exercise that is often labelled by fitness experts as one of the most physically strenuous and draining of all sports and possible cardio exercises, and this label is  not without some credence.

In times gone by rowing was classified under boring and in some fitness training quarters this stigma still remains among trainers and among gym members. However an increasing number of gyms are offering rowing classes. So is joining a rowing class or taking up the exercise on a regular basis a good idea?

Usually at the local gym, marina or rowing center there is a “fundamentals”or basics class for rowing newbies, this is the gym or rowing club’s  signature class which combines rowing intervals and dynamic sculpting exercises. These types of rowing basics are great in order to grasp the scope of benefits that rowing can bring to your body or to compliment a regular workout.

Rowing – A Safe, Fun High Intensity Workout

Looking for a fun, smart and safe workout that’s low impact, yet high intensity? Then I recommend you stop walking by those rowers at your local gym. We all head for the treadmill or cross trainer and the poor rowing system gets left all alone, no longer folks, and this is why.

Strength is very important to the rower. Rowing encourages the development of peak power, power endurance and muscular endurance. These fitness traits should be the ultimate goal of a decent rowing training program. Excessive hypertrophy can be detrimental to rowing while peak power, rather than maximal strength, is associated with good performance.

Why take up Rowing?

Rowing is actually one of the easiest, most efficient ways to jack up your heart rate, go easy on your joints, and get a total body strength session. To dial up that intensity even more and increase the muscle building results, bluntly rowing exercises are perfect if you’re pressed for time at the gym but still want to hit every major muscle group and burn through calories.

There are many rowing clubs for rowing fans

Additionally rowing is not just an exercise, it is a sport and there are many clubs and communities that cater for those who wish to pursue rowing as a sporting activity.

Also many rowing machines are quite compact, you can fit one at home in a garage, yard or vacant bedroom with ease.

Buying a Rowing Machine

I’ve looked at many rowing machines and rowing exercise systems on the Internet. Now I do a lot of walking and some cycling (outdoors in good weather) but want to have a interesting alternative to the treadmill and outside walking at home that keeps me motivates, burns calories and keeps strength at the maximum.

When considering a rowing machine you should be looking for a rowing system that is versatile,  particularly a rowing machine that exercises the body as well as provides a solid high energy cardio workout. I am in good health and fitter than I was a year ago, therefore the rowing machine I look for is to maintain and grow fitness.

Price of the rowing machine is an issue for many people but good rowing machines can be purchases for anything less than $1,000 if you look around or don’t mind a used rowing machine either.

Now, my recommendation. The recognized leader in the rower industry is Concept2. Their rowers are used by many clubs, colleges and universities. They’re not cheap and only available through Concept2. As of this post, the current price for a new model D rower is $900.

However, it’s a rowing machine that’s built to last with features that make using it enjoyable. It comes with a software enable monitor that can provide incentive and the ability to track your rowing progress. Additionally, you can attach a heart monitor (available from Concept2) to it and display your bpm on the progress monitor.

The rower can be stored vertically when not in use. I find that important because it takes up less space. The company’s web site provides a portal for you to record your progress and a forum to discuss and meet other users of their machines.

Rowing is a Good Investment in Time and Money

A rowing machine is a sound investment in money in time, partaking in classes or joining a rowing club is much fun with many health benefits and if you enjoy rowing why not purchase a good rowing system for the home to continue the cardio activity and many strength gains that regular rowing exercises can bring.


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