Christian Engel Male Fitness Model

Christian Engel Male Fitness Model

Fitness model Christian Engel started his fitness and body building career as an athlete at age 16. Christian Engel wanted to be stronger and to get more power to play soccer and handball. Many of his friends asked me to compete on a model contest in Trier,Germany. Christian Engel decided to compete and he won the contest.

I loved playing handball and absolutely wanted to be a member of the “German National League”. The only problem: my coach told me: “Boy you are to skinny, start doing some weight lifting and you would be our man!

Next he sent a few of his good pictures to a well known photographer in the US and he invited Christian Engel for a test picture shoot. Since that time Christian Engel has been published in different fitness and body building magazine around the world.

These publications include: Muscle & Fitness, Men’s Exercise, Olympians News, Le Monde du Muscle, and Exercise for Men Only. Way back in 2005 Christian Engel opened my own nutrition store.

Christian Engel is a fitness professional who has been enjoying body building and fitness for many years across an accomplished fitness career, enjoy his profile and pictures.

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