Best Muscle Building Supplements for Diabetics

If you are diabetic, you know that anything that elevates your blood sugar levels can be harmful to your health. Trouble is, countless research has shown that protein – especially animal protein is just as insulinogenic as pure sugar. The question stands then, what are the best muscle building supplements for diabetics? We are looking for supplements that regulate blood glucose, stimulate protein synthesis, and improve muscle mass without putting your diabetes in harm’s way.

Here are the best muscle building supplements for diabetics

Vitamin D

We start the list off with a no-brainer. Chances are if you’re diabetic your doctor told you that Vitamin D can help regulate your blood sugar levels but did you know that it is also a very strong support for bone health and immunity. Vitamin D is a crucial vitamin for all individuals who engage in exercise. Working out puts excessive stress on joints and bones. Vitamin D can help to maintain strong bones and improve immune health so that you continue to exercise without fault.

Fenugreek Extract

This supplement has long been used to promote healthy testosterone levels in men but is also a very strong herbal remedy to help decrease blood sugar levels in Diabetic individuals. Make sure you consult your personal physician before supplementing Fenugreek – many times its benefits come exclusively from its high-fibre content. If you’re approved, try supplementing fenugreek and watch the muscle pack on.

Plant-Based Protein shakes

Traditional whey concentrates can cause bloating, diarrhoea and even elevate your blood sugar levels. For a great alternative and a perfect post workout shake try a healthy, plant-based protein shake. Top protein shakes are composed of pea protein, hemp protein and pumpkin seed protein. These ingredients will help you to repair muscle tissue, increase the rate of protein synthesis and recover faster. Our favourite product is SUNWARRIOR. A complete protein blend to fuel your active lifestyle and toughest workouts.

Low-Sugar Protein Bars

The last item on our list is low-sugar protein bars. We know that sugar will elevate our blood sugar levels which is not optimal in the world of diabetes. Protein bars can be a great meal on the go that provides your body with essential nutrients for muscle building. Try grabbing a protein bar that is based with oatmeal. Our favourite bar is the BUILDERBAR by Clif Bars. Not only does this bar have a much lower level of sugar than traditional bars, but it the sugar is sourced from brown rice and cane sugar and the protein is plant-based, making this one of the best bars you can take to build muscle as a diabetic. The best part, the builder bar also contains 23 vitamins and minerals which will supply you with nearly all the essential nutrients you need to grow strong, build muscle, lose weight and keep your blood sugar levels in check.

If you are trying to pack on some muscle, you really can’t skip these safe supplements for diabetes. See your personal physician prior to any supplementation.