Apple Watch – The Definitive Smart Watch for Fitness Experts

Apple Watch – The Definitive Smart Watch for Fitness Experts

The new Apple smart watch just has to answer one easy question really: that is would you actually use the Apple Watch instead of your regular iPhone or cell?

The first reviews for the Apple Watch are officially out and can be found draped over the popular tech and fitness magazines already; which means many health magazines have had their first opportunity to try out the Apple Watch also..

Demand For the Apple Smart Watch is Huge

How much consumer demand is there for Apple’s “most personal device ever”? That’s the question that will be occupying technology industry analysts for the foreseeable future. Or at least until Apple releases firm sales data on the Apple Watch (if it chooses to do so).

A secondary consideration is likely to be adoption amongst the fitness professionals and exercise and lifestyle community. I would envisage a high level of interest not least because some iPhone and iPad apps are likely to cross over.

Launch day Apple Watch orders have been estimated at 1M in US, with watch sales skewing towards the Sport model.

30 million units and over to be shipped to customers is an awesome prediction. If Apple sells more than 4-5 million units then the Apple Watch should be considered a massive success by any standards. Not only that will all purchasers actually be able to buy a watch in the store? I can foresee a huge surge in buyers prowling the secondary and alternative markets such as Ebay.

Indeed the Apple Watch may be out of stock in many stores, but its eBay life is just getting started. This past Friday there were already hundreds of listings of ‘Apple Watch’ on the popular auction site, according to news site CNBC.

A Mainstream Fitness Product

It’s also the first smart watch that might legitimately become a mainstream product, even as competitors rush flood the market with similar products. Apple has the marketing prowess, the retail store network, and the sheer determination to actually make this thing happen. It will be industry sectors such as fitness and lifestyle that will help spur this growth.


Apple Watch - The Definitive Smart Watch for Fitness Experts

The Apple Watch is an extraordinarily small, versatile and personal, almost intimate device. It is designed to participate in nearly every moment of your day, but almost never directly interact with anyone else. It knows when you’re wearing it. You can talk to it, its a friend on your wrist that shares each moment of your day.

The back of the Watch is arguably more beautiful than the front.

It’s also surprisingly heavy. I noticed when I was wearing it, and everyone who held it in their palm commented on the weight. That might simply be a function of how unfamiliar these watches have become; my stainless steel Apple Watch with leather loop band weighs 2.9 ounces, which is more than my plastic Nixon’s 1.7 ounces or the 1.8-ounce Moto 360, but much less than my 5-ounce Baume and Mercier.

All in all, the Apple Watch isn’t light enough to fade away, but it’s also not so heavy that it’s a distraction or a heavy weight on the wrist.

I pick up the Apple Watch from its charger beside the bed and strap it on. I measure the weight of it, pleasingly solid. I appreciate the lack of cables.

Once you actually start living with the Watch, it quickly becomes clear that there are three main ways to actually use the thing: the watch face, the app launcher, and the communications app.

I do not want to dissect the Apple Watch. I enjoy the smoothness, the shine, the clarity. It is not how it works but what it looks like that matters to me. What it looks like to people who see it on my wrist.

Questions That Fitness Experts Will be Asking

I had a number of significant questions that when pressed the Apple sales people couldn’t immediately answer, questions such as will there be after market for custom bands for the watch? Is that something Apple is prohibiting somehow? The sales people were ill equipped to deal with any questions deemed out of the ordinary.

Apple Smart Watch Questions

  • What does the Apple watch do when it goes too far out of range of the iPhone or if the iPhone is switched off?
  • Is it possible for the phone’s battery power to display on the face of the clock and not just show what time it is?
  • Is the magnet which is found on the loop band going to be threat to credit card magnetic strips or any other form of data like hard drives and memory cards?
  • Is there any support for using the Apple watch on an alternate arm? For example will it move the crown knob over to the other side?

The Apple Watch is Undeniably Cool for Fitness Technology Fans

What’s cool in technology has changed drastically from the 1980s to today and the benefits to lifestyle, health and fitness cannot be underestimated.

If the Apple Watch had no other functionality except for what you can do from the watch face, it would still be competitive.

The Watch app is literally the most central experience on the Watch. From here you can rearrange every app icon on the home screen except the Watch icon, which is always in the middle. What’s fascinating and somewhat confusing is that so many of the Watches core abilities are only found in the Watch app, so interface ideas you learn there don’t work anywhere else.

Consumers have a choice to make for sure, if you already have an expensive watch for example then other watches are going to see less daylight. I foresee a new culture emerging whereby people no longer rely on just one watch but instead own watch collections that they use for different purposes.

The smart watch for regulating fitness in the gym for example and the Rolex for a night of fine dining and dancing. I guess we will have to learn to alternate.

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